Nowadays, the most successful companies are open to change. They see it as a motivation, not as an obstacle. They have modified their attitude and not only react to change but encourage it. For them, the future is an opportunity, not a test. They are successful because they are disruptive when it comes to thinking. To compete with them, marketers must commit to fully transform their organization, and this starts with asking tough questions.


Brands must prepare for the future.

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To better understand how clients are addressing these challenges, we conducted a study with Penn Schoen Berland.

In Q4 of 2017, we asked 250 senior business-decision makers (BDMs) from global brands how they were navigating this new, complicated landscape.


The results showed a wide gap between recognizing the challenges and taking the necessary steps to create new opportunities.

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While 72% of brands say they are future-focused, 70% say they are not willing to sacrifice short-term gains to invest in long-term benefits.


Where do I Start?

Everything starts with people. Many solutions today focus on investing in a robust tech stack or rely on the impact of a powerful creative idea. The choices cannot be either/or. They must include the entire spectrum of creativity, data, and technology. The best results come when we deeply understand how to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations, and custom build the capabilities—and the people to get there.

Our research identified five key dimensions to evaluate what an organization must do to become Future Ready:

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Are you satisfied with your current investments?

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You have the data, can you achieve success with it?


These companies have created revolutionary technology...


We need a better plan.


You have the ambition, but are you a game changer?

ONLY 42% consider themselves as leaders in innovation who will leave a mark.


Is Your success limited by these challenges?




say their companies departments are disconnected



say silos make them unable to deliver cohesive messaging



say they are not able to meet evolving customer needs

Are you up to
the Challenge?

Above all, this is a time of opportunity. Today, we have the technology to deliver amazing experiences to people around the world. We are empowered to make changes that will not merely sell products but improve lives. It’s just a matter of setting everything up right and connecting the dots.

Marketers have many reasons for hope and optimism. Once the tools and people are in place, there are no limits. But it’s time to have realistic conversations to start moving forward. It’s time to become Future Ready.